Automatic T-Shirt Punching Machine

Automatic T-Shirt Punching Machine for T shirt Bags. T-shirt bag maker comes in different models to suit specific function and as per width of the bag to be manufactured. This is the first of its kind machine which gives High speed Production with complete Automation to get the finished W cut bag. This Automatic T-Shirt Punching Machine is mature machine for produce different kinds of shopping bag, vest bag, cloth bag, handle bag etc Reusable Bags

Automatic T-Shirt Punching Machine


  • Machine operation easy. High speed, High precision and Produce Stable.
  • Automatic counting, according require setting quantity, after finished require automatic stop and alarm, or no materials automatic stop.
  • According require setting any length and print track on touch screen.
  • Automatic constant temperature, automatic pneumatic punch handle.
  • Machine use high performance ultrasonic welding technology,
    Sealing Strong, Noise Small, No Damage when machine high speed running.
  • Machine use import frequency converter, computer use Taiwan human-computer interface LDC display.
  • Machine two side all have running and stop switch, easy for operation.

Technical Specification - Automatic T-Shirt Punching Machine

Model TSP-700
Bag Type T-shirt bag Flat bag
Bag Length 300-600 mm 300-750 mm

Bag Width 150-480 mm 100-700 mm
Bag Making Speed 20-70pcs/min 20-100pcs/min
Material Thickness(best range) 35-65gsm


Inserting Size 40-120 mm 40-90 mm