Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

Bag Maker-700 fully automatic paper bag making Machine produces paper bags from a jumbo roll, for a required width of the bag a suitable jumbo roll is placed on the machine. On the chart is shown for which type of width of bag goes with which kind of paper roll. The machine is supplied with a set of six tools (skis) for changing the width of the bag, a set of gears for changing the length of the bag and a set of 6+6 cliché rolls for printing.

Fully automatic paper bag making machine bag maker 700

At the beginning the paper goes through a section for two colour printing, after that glue is applied which glues the back side of the bag. Afterwards it goes through a tool (skis) for forming the width of the bag, later a rotating blade cuts the paper bag and the bottom is glued and closed. Formed, glued and printed paper bag exits the machine. The machine is made with excellent steel construction and also made for easy readjustment and tuning of format of the paper bag. Paper bags are produced with a flat bottom. The principle for making paper bags is automatic in fully automatic paper bag making machine.

Technical Process


Special Features

1. 12 cylinder free with machine for every size.
2. Pneumatic lift for lifting heavy rolls of 800 Kg.
3. Pneumatic tension controller for feeding rolls.
4. Motorized inking system for clear printing without spilling of ink.
5. Twin cutting & pasting blades for better speed.
6. Hydraulic delivery table for adjusting size of bag.
7. Long travel for better tension and high speed.
8. Shopping bags can be made with 5.5 Inches gusset
9. Easily form lower GSM of bags.
10. Can make taller bags of 28 Inches.

Suitable Paper Size

1. Machine Dimensions L 8.5m
W 1.4m
H 1.8m
2. Machine Speed Up to 300 Pieces per/min
3. Machine Weight 2200 KG
4. Paper Weight 30-130gsm
5. Type of Cutting Twin Metal Blade
6. Bearings Self-aligning, Bearing Block, Ball and Linear Bearing
7. Jumbo Roll Maximum Width 900mm
Maximum Diameter 1200mm
Diameter of Inner Paper Core 76mm
8. Folding System 6 Skis for 6 Kinds of Width of Paper Bags
9. Max. width 340 mm
10. Max. Height 700 mm

Suitable Paper Size


Electric Supply

1. Installed Power 4KW
2. Speed Control Via Frequency Inverter