Paper Bag Making Machine

Paper Bag Making Machine PBM-400 a revolution machine which is mastered to produce finest paper bag with high performance speed. Get the bags ready at minimum making cost. Great finishing equipped by servo motor and glue motor. Rugged structure ensures batter quality and life of machine. The bag length is controlled by gear. Change length need change gear. The parameter is controlled by inverter motor.

Grocery bag making machine

Technical Parameters

Paper Weight 30-80 gsm
Bag Length 160-450 mm
Bag Width 70-270 mm
The Width of Paper Roll 260-720 mm
Machine Speed 60-600 pcs/min
Machine Power 4 Kw
Machine Weight 2500 Kg

Main Configuration

Main Motor 3.7 Kw OUBANG 1 Set
Glue Motor 70 W OUBANG 1 Set
Low Voltage Electric CHINT