Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

The SBR-460 Adjustable Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags from paper roll in blank or printed. Side gluing, tube forming, cuffing, bottom creasing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and final product out feed can be completed online by this machine. It is ideal equipment for making paper bag for foodstuff bag, shopping bag and so on. Controlled by PLC system, equipped with touch screen and servo motor for bag length control, this machine can produce different size paper bags.

Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

Machine Attributes

Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine has the advantages of fast making. High production efficiency, large adjustment range and comprehensive domestic inadequate of similar products. Then to improve the new equipment. This equipment make the primary color or printed roll paper to glue on the side. Folded into a tube. Glue on the bottom. Bag bottom forming and export bags. The machine is controlled by computer central control system. Touch screen display. The servo motor control the length of paper bags. It can produce a variety of sizes paper bags. The fastest can reach to 220 pcs/min. It’s greatly reducing the labor costs. This machine is the best choice for producing square bottom paper bags.

Technical Parameters

Width of Paper 600-1300 mm
Cutting Length 270-500 mm
Width of Paper Bag 230-450 mm
Length of Paper Bag 225-450 mm
Width of Bag Bottom 80-180 mm
Paper Weight 80-160 mm
Max. Diameter of Paper Roll 1500 mm
Internal Diameter of Roll Core 76 mm
Max. Speed 150 Pcs/min
Power 15 KW
Weight 9000 KG
Overall Dimension 9600 mm X 2500 mm X 1800 mm
Technical process

Special Features

  • Material feeding using hydraulic lift structure. Unwinding automatic tension control.
  • Side glue using the auto gluing system.
  • Correction using the pausource from Taiwan.
  • Paper tube forming devices included thumb-cut function.
  • Automatic shutdown. When it run out material.
  • All of center clip. Drum clamps and drum machine are using spider synchronous adjustment mechanical design. It can significantly reduce the adjustment time to replace the size.
  • When Germany SICK photoelectric. Accurately tracking the printed materials.
  • Equipped with automatic lubrication supply system. Stoppage alarm system.
Special Features