What Makes A Non Woven Bag The Most Preferred Choice?

In today’s world, the most important concern is how to save our environment. Every citizen of our world is trying it’s best to save our environment. And avoids those products which harm our environment the most. The most common and popular thing which we demand and asks for which pollutes our environment and harms various animals is plastics and polythene bags. It’s because it cannot be recycled and formed into a new product.

To decrease the use of polythene and plastic bags, the Indian government has banned the usage of polythene bags. And if any consumer or shopkeeper gets caught using it, they need to pay a huge amount of penalty.

To avoid this penalty, they have shifted to non woven bags which is beneficial for our environment. Instead many manufacturing firms who used to produce a huge amount of polythene bags have started producing non woven bags and installed a non woven bag making machine in it’s firm. It’s not only a famous and popular choice because of its eco-friendly feature, but it has various other properties which are discussed further in this blog.

Properties possessed by a non woven bag
A non woven bag has many properties. It is used now in various departmental stores, supermarkets, showrooms and more. That is why increasing the supply of non woven bags with non woven bag making machines is a basic need. Various properties which have in the non woven bag are

● Bacterial barrier – This is the most advantageous property present in a non woven bag. It fights with the outer bacteria. This means that it will not absorb the surrounding or environmental bacteria and makes it unsuitable for use. Even it will be the best option if you want to save yourself from bacteria. Whereas in a polythene bag, bacteria can easily get absorbed into its outer surface.

● Softness – A polythene bag is harsh and unsuitable for carrying. Because it’s not soft, if your bag gets much heavy, it will break and can make your hand rough and red. Whereas a non-woven bag is soft to carry. You can easily carry a non woven bag without hurting your hand easily. Even if the weight gets much, you do not need to worry, a non woven bag will not break.

● Absorbency – A polythene bag doesn’t have this property. If your polythene bag gets wet it will not get dry easily and can make your surrounding messy. But if you are using a non-woven bag you can ensure that your surroundings will not be messy. A non woven bag has high absorbency power through which the water and other liquid will be absorbed easily.

These properties given above of a non woven bag will be helpful for you to choose between the polythene bags and non woven bags. With the above points, we can conclude that a non woven bag will give you a lot of benefits in every aspect. So start using a non woven bag and save your environment by enjoying many benefits.

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